Dental Advice for a Broken Front Tooth

advice broken front tooth dentist RaleighAny injury, trauma, or damage to your front teeth can be unsettling. Even if you aren’t in physical pain, the feelings of self-consciousness and embarrassment can be simply overwhelming. A broken front tooth is a true dental emergency, and Raleigh dentists are prepared to treat it as such.

So, what do you need to know about overcoming the challenges of a damaged front tooth?

  1. If the entire tooth loose, but still in the socket: A tooth that is knocked loose (but not out) due to a blow to the mouth, head, or face must still be treated by a dentist right away. Even though the tooth has not fallen out, it could have suffered a nerve injury or root fracture. The chances of saving a tooth in this condition are favorable, although root canal treatments, splints, or even crowns could be necessary for longevity. Professional care is imperative, as you may not be able to spot this internal damage on your own.
  2. If a piece of the tooth breaks off completely while the remainder of the tooth is still in the socket: The size of the fracture can influence your repair alternatives. A small piece can be repaired with a bonded filling. A larger fracture could require a root canal treatment, a crown, or a veneer for stability.
  3. If the tooth breaks off at the gumline or falls out entirely: You can try preserving the knocked out tooth by placing it in a glass of milk or water until you are able to get professional care. If the tooth cannot be refitted into the socket, the dentist will likely need to replace the tooth with a dental crown or dental implant. A small partial denture (removable) could provide a temporary fix, but a sturdier replacement will be advised as soon as possible.

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