Dental Disease is Preventable

Disease Health SignIt might seem as though dental problems are similar to other kinds of bad luck—you hope you don’t get it but feel helpless to prevent it. Raleigh dentists will tell you that dental disease isn’t an issue of bad luck—it’s a lack of prevention. While dental disease is responsible for more than 164 million lost work hours and 51 million lost school hours each year, it’s an issue that is almost entirely preventable. Simple measures like proper brushing and daily flossing could be the keys to dramatically reducing these statistics.

The interrupted sleeping hours, school hours, and work hours that are lost by kids and adults due to tooth decay only represent a small portion of the problem. Untreated dental problems can make proper eating painful and almost impossible. Talking and even smiling can become a source of self-consciousness and embarrassment.

Rather than leave it all up to chance or luck, focus on learning some important preventive strategies to protect yourself from tooth decay. When you become more proactive about your total homecare routine and your professional dental appointments, you can improve your odds of avoiding dental problems.

Brushing thoroughly (at least 2 minutes) with a soft toothbrush or power brush and flossing between the teeth every day are great habits to adopt—and it’s never too early or too late to begin! Brush a little longer to keep your teeth stronger, and remember to replace your toothbrush every 3 months. If your toothbrush seems to be wearing out in less than 3 months, you could be brushing too hard. Also, take the initiative to eat a more balanced diet each day, avoiding processed, starchy, or sweet foods as much as possible. For the health of your teeth as well as the rest of your body, drink plenty of water throughout the day and night.

To learn more about preventing dental disease, talk to your favorite Raleigh dentist today.