Dentists Offer Multiple Options for Missing Teeth

Dentists Offer Multiple Options for Missing TeethDo you worry about what people will see when you smile or laugh too openly? Do you avoid certain foods because chewing is difficult? Have missing teeth made your life unpleasant but you feel confused about the best way to fix the problem?

To get help, you can do a Google search for dentists in Raleigh, but you can help yourself out a little further by getting educated on today’s various tooth replacement options. Dentures, bridges, and dental implants are the most common solutions for replacing missing teeth, but these three procedures are very different from one another:

Bridges. When one tooth is missing, or a few teeth are missing in the same area, a bridge can be cemented onto the teeth on either side of the gap. A bridge is typically made of porcelain and metal, and includes the appropriate number of false teeth to fit into the space that was once filled with natural teeth. A bridge is a permanent fixture that can last in the mouth for 10 or more years with good care.

Dental Implants. Through minor dental surgery, metal tooth roots can be permanently inserted into the jaw bone to replace the missing root of a natural tooth. The artificial root is held in by the growth of the gum tissue and bone. Once it is firmly in place, it can be fitted with a dental crown, or it can be connected to serve as an anchor for larger bridges or complete dentures.

Dentures. Full dentures are complete sets of false teeth. These removable teeth are used when all of the teeth are missing. The denture may be held in the mouth with glue or adhesives, or it can be anchored more securely with a series of dental implants.

The choice between dentures, implants, and bridges is a personal decision, and each of these options can be customized to look and feel as natural and comfortable as possible. Most dentists in Raleigh offer various combinations of these procedures. Schedule an appointment today to learn more.