Don’t Pick Just Any Raleigh Dentist

choosing the right dentistYour dentist’s level of training and experience can directly affect your smile, the way that you look and feel, the way that others view you, other aspects of your overall health, and even your daily schedule. With so much at stake, why would you trust just any Raleigh dentist with your mouth? When you choose a Raleigh dentist with advanced Dawson training, you’ll be making a smart decision for yourself and the rest of your family.

Why Choose a Dawson Dentist?
An advanced training program of this magnitude is designed to make good dentists even better. The Dawson Academy offers high-level training that is designed for dentists and dental lab technicians at any point in their career who want to provide their patients with a higher level of dentistry. Dawson dentists are trained beyond the requirements of a typical dental degree. That’s because the Dawson philosophy emphasizes not only the biological health of the mouth, like fillings and cavities, but also the functional health of the mouth.

The Dawson Academy Philosophy
The Dawson Academy’s philosophy emphasizes the importance of oral function, stability, and predictability in a manner that focuses on complete care dentistry. The Academy teaches dentists the most essential principles and skills for providing complete care, primarily concentrating on dental occlusion, TMJ health and esthetic restorative dentistry that is comprehensive in nature.

The Dawson faculty is comprised of over 20 actively practicing dentists from all over the world to provide students with a unique and well-rounded experience.

Elite Recognition
To be granted recognition as an Alumni Association Member, a dentist must have completed a certain number of lecture hours and hands-on instruction at The Dawson Academy and must maintain a consistent level of continuing education hours each year. This prestigious continuing education academy equips the dentist to treat complex functional and aesthetic dental issues in a safe and predictable manner.

To treat yourself and your family to an elite level of dental care, contact a Dawson Trained dentist in the Raleigh area today.