Kids’ Dental Care: The Path to a Happy Smile

Good habits start early. And it’s never too soon to put your children on the path to happy, healthy smiles. In Raleigh NC, parents just like you trust Dr. Ben Thompson and Dr. Susan Thompson for gentle pediatric dentistry. The doctors provide personalized care for smiles of all ages and love treating entire families.

Pediatric Dental CareThe Right Time to Start

We recommend a well-baby exam when your child is about a year old, which is typically when that first tooth emerges. The doctor will gently examine your child’s smile, look for signs that dental development is on track, and offer tips on caring for your child’s teeth and gums.

Good oral hygiene is important, even when only a few teeth are present! Baby teeth serve many important roles – helping your child to eat comfortably, aiding in speech development, and providing placeholders for permanent teeth. Even though they’ll eventually be lost when permanent teeth emerge, keeping baby teeth healthy is a crucial element of optimal oral health.

Fighting Cavities

As kids get older, they’ll continue to need help from you when brushing and flossing. But even parents need a little help! That where we come in. Drs. Ben and Susan Thompson offer proven cavity fighters to help keep kids’ smiles cavity free. Fluoride treatments and dental sealants are easy, effective, and inexpensive ways to combat dental decay.

Fluoride strengthens tooth enamel to ward off cavities. A professional fluoride treatment can even reverse early-stage decay and prevent the need for a filling. Kids who drink bottled water might not get the fluoride they need for healthy smiles. A dentist-administered fluoride treatment delivers this essential mineral that’s so crucial for strong teeth.

Dental sealants smooth bumpy molars by covering them with a thin plastic coating that makes teeth easier to clean and serves as a barrier against cavity-causing bacteria. Sealants are easy to apply, and your kids won’t even know they’re there.

Get a Head Start

Take proactive steps to help prevent dental problems, and you and your child will reap big rewards in the years to come. A healthy smile pays off in so many ways and is a crucial element of good overall health.

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