Making the Choice between Dental Implants and Bridges

Making the Choice between Dental Implants and BridgesIn this day and age, we are fortunate to have access to a variety of tooth replacement choices. After all, every tooth loss situation is different and there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all replacement tooth. To provide you with the tooth replacement that looks the best, feels the best, and suits your budget, Raleigh dentists will help you to explore the options of both dental implants as well as dental bridges.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of each option and the circumstances which make them most useful:

Dental implants. This is typically the most ideal solution for replacing an individual missing tooth in an otherwise healthy mouth. The implant stands alone in the location of the missing tooth, replacing the tooth root as well as the biting surface (the crown). Implants are considered to be conservative and minimally invasive because they do not depend or connect to any other teeth. This option is perfect for the times when a one-tooth-problem requires a one-tooth-solution.

Dental bridges. A bridge is a sturdy replacement for a missing tooth because it is anchored into place by at least two strong, natural teeth. A natural tooth on either side of a missing tooth must be permanently crowned in order to support the false crown that will fill the gap. Essentially, a bridge is the equivalent of 3 teeth: two anchor teeth and a missing tooth. This can be a beneficial option if the anchor teeth are already in need of crowns for strength. For example, if the anchor teeth already contain large fillings or cavities, they can be reinforced and restored with the very same crowns that are required to hold the bridge in place. This is a win-win solution when multiple dental problems are identified in the same area.

Raleigh dentists can provide you with more information on making the choice between dental implants and bridges when you call to schedule your consultation today.