A Team Approach for your Dental Care

TeamworkThey say that it takes a village to raise a child, and there’s a similar philosophy when it comes to your dental care. It takes a team of Raleigh dentists to keep your smile healthy and strong. As your ‘team captain’, your general dentist will serve as your primary oral health resource. Your general dentist will be responsible for your annual checkups, preventive care, fillings, and cosmetic dentistry. When specialized treatments or expertise is needed to maintain your oral health, your general dentist may recruit other dental experts to join your team.

Here’s a list of the specialists who are most likely to be recruited for your oral health team:

Oral surgeon- An oral surgeon can extract wisdom teeth and any other teeth that need to be pulled. These specialists have advanced training in deep sedation and anesthesia. Oral surgeons can also place dental implants, perform oral cancer biopsies, do reconstructive surgery, and perform jaw surgery.

Periodontist A periodontist is an expert in the area of the gums, bone, and connective ligaments that surround the teeth. They treat advanced gum disease, place dental implants, and perform reconstructive procedures like gum grafts.

Endodontist- This specialist performs root canal treatments and surgeries involving the roots of the teeth using microscopes and lasers to preserve the natural teeth whenever possible.

Orthodontist- The orthodontist uses braces and aligners to improve the health and position of the teeth. Orthodontists can also help to create space for dental implants and cosmetic procedures.

Pediatric dentist- A dentist who only treats children and young adults with certain disabilities may be recruited to provide the best possible experience for the special members of your family. Pediatric dentists received specialized training in anesthesia and patient relaxation techniques.

Whenever a specialist is recruited to your oral health team, they will always consult with your dentist on your behalf to ensure that everyone is on the same page of the playbook when it comes to your treatment. To learn more about how Raleigh dentists are working together for you, call to schedule an appointment today.