TMJ Treatment for Renewed Comfort & Function

TMJ TreatmentThe temporomandibular joints — or TMJ — are small, triangular joints that reside in front of your ears at the base of your jaw. Even though they’re small in size, they serve a big purpose — they allow you to smoothly and comfortably open and close your mouth. They can also create big problems when they malfunction.

Sufferers of TMJ disorder report a variety of symptoms, with discomfort ranging from annoying to debilitating. Raleigh NC dentist Dr. Ben Thompson has completed advanced training in diagnosing and treating TMJ disorder. He offers patients non-invasive treatments to renew healthy jaw function and alleviate the discomfort this condition can cause.

TMJ Disorder: An Overview
Unexplained facial pain, headaches, earaches, and jaw discomfort are some of the symptoms of TMJ disorder. Others include jaw clicking and a jaw that’s difficult to open and close. This common ailment can also cause tingling in the fingers and even low back pain.

The causes of TMJ-related issues are varied. Physical trauma to the jaw can disrupt function. But emotional stress can play a role, as well. A misaligned bite and habit of jaw clenching and teeth grinding may also cause the jaw joints to make their presence felt in a negative way.

A Comprehensive Approach
Dr. Thompson has completed rigorous post-graduate study at the esteemed Dawson Academy. He understands that every element of the chewing system is designed to work in harmony. When that harmony is disrupted, it’s important to address the underlying cause and not simply treat the symptoms.

Customized Treatment
Your comprehensive examination and discussion of symptoms will provide the doctor with the information he needs to understand the source of your discomfort. Then, he’ll tailor a treatment plan to address your individual situation. If bite misalignment is the problem, the doctor can build up the surface of back teeth to restore proper alignment.

Many people experience relief from TMJ pain with a custom-made acrylic mouthguard. Worn at night, the mouthguard holds the jaw in a properly aligned position to ease stressed oral structures. A mouthguard can also eliminate the clenching and grinding that can contribute to TMJ disorder.

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