Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

Understanding the Cost of Dental ImplantsIt’s getting more and more difficult to ignore the rising popularity of dental implants. From TV commercials to dental implant centers, it is clear that the implant is the way to go for almost anyone with a missing tooth. Raleigh dentists are using dental implants as the remedy for a variety of tooth loss situations, and to calculate the cost, they must consider several unique factors:

  • How many teeth need to be replaced? A single dental implant can be used to replace a single missing tooth. However, if several teeth are missing or of all of the teeth are missing, the cost can skyrocket quickly. The dentist may recommend a bridge or a denture that is anchored with dental implants rather than numerous individual implants. The number of teeth that need to be replaced will directly influence the type of implant restoration as well as the cost of the treatment.
  • How healthy is the jawbone and the surrounding teeth? If the jawbone isn’t thick enough or if the neighboring teeth have shifted, additional procedures may be necessary in order to provide you with successful dental implants. Added treatments like bone grafts and orthodontics can increase the overall cost of your implants.
  • What type of abutment will be needed? Technically, an implant is only the titanium cylinder that fits into your jawbone. In order to connect the implant to a dental crown, denture, or bridge, a special connector called an abutment must be used. Some abutments are designed to fit a variety of implant posts, while others must be customized more specifically. The cost of the abutment can vary accordingly.
  • Who will be placing the implant? Many general dentists can place dental implants in their own offices—providing you with significant savings. However, some circumstances require the help of additional specialists such as oral surgeons or periodontists. These specialists charge separate fees for their services.

Raleigh dentists are excited about all of the ways that dental implants can enhance your oral health. For more information on the related costs, contact the office today.